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tv   ABC7 News  KOFY  October 12, 2012 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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herapistcaptioned by closed captioning services, inc. bay area firefighters face a double dose of danger. >> in san francisco fire destroyed a restaurant and disrupted muni service for hours. in san jose explosive situation when fair broke out at a house with a lot of ammunition inside. >> the muni trains in san francisco just started rolling. that fire caused big problems at the west portal tunnel. terry mcsweeney joins us live. >> reporter: this is a story of the tire that would not go out. it isn't completely out yet. judgment a moment ago there were firefighters out here hitting the roof of the squat and gobble restaurant with more water they've been out here for six hours and there's still smoke many the same fire that caused the tunnel and all the muni trains to shutdown until 40 minutes ago.
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the report of a fire came in about 5:00 this morning. three hours later, despite a never-ending spray, the fire was still burning. >> it is a very deep building the first building the fire was hard to find they put out what they saw. i think it was way ahead of us before we got here in the walls, attic. >> reporter: when firefighters thought it was just about contained there would be a flare-up. again the fire would appear to be about out, only to flare again. the squat and gobble restaurant where it started is a total loss, next door a dentist office and wine bar both heavily damaged. on other side of the restaurant, two more businesses damaged residents evacuated. a young man hose -- woes ride never showed up. >> they have a shuttle system so while probably use that >> reporter: 89:33 and half
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hour after it began the -- 8:30, three and a half hours after it began it was contained. six hours after it began fires still watching the smock from what remains of the restaurant -- watch the smoke from what remains of the restaurant. the cause they believe it appears to have started in the kitchen. west portal terry mcsweeney abc7 news. to the big fire in san jose crews watching for hot spots after an early morning blaze that became more dangerous and frightening because of what was inside. katie marzullo is live at the scene. >> reporter: fire investigators are on the scene a vehicle is now being towed. investigators don't know what started this fire they know what made it risky to fight. the homeowner had live rounds
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of ammunition inside. >> [ inaudible ] >> reporter: when firefighters got on the scene they kept their distance and evacuated the homes on either side of the fire with good reason. >> i spoke to the homeowner, he said i have a lot of ammo. a lot is a lot. >> reporter: live rounds of ammunition inside a house on fire burning out of control. >> shell casings become projectiles not as if it was coming from a gun but enough that it may injure you. >> reporter: neighbors suspected something was up. >> every time you heard a whack and whack and see fire shooting out of the house straight up in the air it was like a whip going off with a crack and it was weird. >> reporter: the homeowners husband and by made it out but not without getting hurt. i talked with his brother-in-law. >> burn on the hands and rob
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got a pretty bad one on his head. >> reporter: it is possible the couples pet perished. >> she thinks the cats didn't get out she is pretty beat up about that >> reporter: as for the ammo, he says his brother-in-law was an enthusiast who likes coming to the shooting rage. the hummer belonged to his wife. i talked with one of the next door neighbors from one of homes evacuated he woke to somebody yelling got his family out and grabbed the garden hose. he to move when it got too hot and he ended up losing a shed and motorcycles on the side of his house. katie marzullo, abc7 news. also san jose police investigate shooting death of a man before 2:00 this morning in the 1700 block of rogers avenue in an industrial area in north san jose police are still searching for the gunman this is the city's 37th homicide of the year >> traffic flowing smoothly again on the bay bridge after
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an accident during the morning commute that caused massi back-upcoming into san francisco. -- massive back-up coming into san francisco, two vehicles collided, two lanes blocked for a while tow truck had to upright a vehicle that overturned one person was taken to the hospital with chest baines. in vallejo accused bomb maker expected to be charge after authorities found explosives in his home. that was one of a couple of powerful barths that rocked the neighborhood. bomb squad used robots to search the home on georgia street and detonated all the materials found inside police say a tip led them to the home. they are not releasing the suspect's identity. teenager charged with trying to kill a mill valley couple and stealing a celebrity chef's lamborghini could face more charges.
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the d.a. wants to charge 18-year-old max wade for trying pull a gun on the decks who went to arrest him. he stole chef guy fieri's lamborghini to impress a girl. the hearing continues today to determine whether there is enough evidence to hold wade over for trial. circumstance lynn the globe to the morning commute the endeavour began a terrestrial crawl along the streets of los angeles this morning on its way to the california science center. hundreds of spectators cheered from the sidewalks as the shuttle passed at two miles an hour. indivorce was backed into a shopping center parking lot that's where it sits now being prepared for the next leg crossing over 405 tonight. giants drying off from the champagne showers looking forward to finding out which
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team they face in the national league championship series. they beat the reds yesterday. posey's grand-slam in the fit led the giants to a 6-4 victory. tonight's game between the cardinals and the nationals will determine which of those two teams the giants will face for the title and whether sunday's first game will be in san francisco or washington, d.c.. >> different story in oakland. a's fans are thanking their team for a fantastic season. the cinderella team lost last night in game five of their division series. tigers shut them out 6-0. the fans say what a ride it was in losing gave their team a standing ovation. that's so classy. >> well deserved. they came from behind, that was great the presidential candidates and running mates back on the campaign trail after the fiesty vice presidential debate
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president obama and mitt romney. but who won? brandi hitt reports. >> reporter: the showdown between the vice president and paul ryan was full of attacks. >> it has been done a couple of times. >> has never been done. >> jack kennedy lowered tax rates. >> now you're jack kennedy! gentleman 23 million minutes are struggling for work. >> i know you're under a lot of duress to make up for lost round. [ laughing ] >> reporter: biden laughed at ryan throughout the debate. he challenged mitt romney's tax plan for aggressively than president obama did in his debate. >> it shouldn't be surprising for a guy who says 47% of the american people are unwilling to take responsibility for their own lives. they pay more effective tax than governor romney pays in his federal income tax. >> reporter: the moderator martha raddatz set it was more
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intimate. >> the jabs felt more personal. >> reporter: both sides claiming victory as they head back on the campaign trail to rally more support. debate was a tie. biden brought energy the democrats wanted and ryan brought seriousness the republicans needed. >> reporter: romney and ryan are campaigning to the in ohio. biden is hitting the trail in wisconsin with anticipation building for the second presidential debate next week. broken did hit, abc news, kentucky. >> next debate -- hofstra university in new york. abc 7 will carry it live at 6 p.m.. >> union the winner of this year's nobel peace prize. the committee made the announcement this morning a -- a choice that celebrates the eu for france moring most of
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europe from a continent of wars to a continent of peace. the decision is being met with a mix of praise and shock. the eu has come under fire for its happening of the debt crisis. weekend is almost here ii showers very light then sunshine and warmer weather, we still have flight arrival delays into sfo check our flight tracker at the bottom. summer warmth returning. plus, what is this? mystery of the giant eyeball that washed up on a beep in florida. >> -- up on a beach in florida. >> >> don't try this at home the
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>> days after controversial photos surfaced michael vick is confirming he is a dog owner again. he served a prison sentence for dogfighting he's responding to questions over this photo he posted on twitter it shows a box of dog biscuits on the far right corner on the table where he and his daughter were sitting the photos was deleted and replaced by a similar photo without the dog treats. vick says yes he has a dog that is well cared for and loved. safety regulators investigating a steering problem in hyundai suv's nhtsa
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says a fastener can come loose causing steering shaft to come apart and drivers to lose control of the vehicle. that investigation covers 70,000 sante fe from 2011. no injuries or crashes have been reported. >> brake problem in honda pilot suv under investigation the brake come on without drivers stepping on the pedal that covers nearly 88,000 pilots from the 2005 model. the government and honda have received hundreds of complaints saying the suv slowed to nearly a stop while on the freeway. if you are about to eat lunch you might want to wait. scientists saying a huge eyeball that washed up on a south florida beach could belong to a giant skid. the eye is the size of a softball. it appeared near ft. lauderdale wednesday. the blue pigment pretty rare
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and has created a buzz on the internet and among biologists. within professor believes it may have come from a deep sea squid or large swordfish. >> amazing to see that. you can see the perspective in the hands there. >> serve it up for lunch. >> no. >> from heavenly a little snow winter is back for now. i still think it is going to probably melt by the time you get there. the resort sent these photos the first snow of the season heavenly and kirkwood both received snow overnight. back at home southeast from south beach a few breaks starting to develop in the clouds, a little more sun as the afternoon unfolds farther
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down to the south in san jose looking at partly sunny is the official word from the observer at the airport. live doppler spinning up on top of mount st. helena near beautiful cal stow go, a lot of cloud cover, radar returns nonexistent. if you look over the last few hours definite drying trend. temperatures the big story 50 to near 60 if you are stepping out same around the monterey bay and inland. as we head through the next 40 minutes or so wet window is going to close and we'll see partly sunny conditions this afternoon ground a little moist so is the air i think we'll have foggy spots tonight, brighter and warmer starting sunday into next week today 9° cooler than average in oakland and san francisco.
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the highs mainly in the 60s everywhere, 70 clear lake and ukiah upper 50s coast. mid 60s monterey bay also as you head inland not much in the way of microclimates today. tonight low to mid 50s, a lot of the cloud cover, cooler north bay, 40s for you. area of low pressure pulling away from us on the back side of it, usually the weaker side the one with less moisture air tends to sink a little on this side of that it's why a clearing trend as we head into the around. 7:00 temperatures drop in the 50s everywhere. overnight hours a few clouds in the form of fog tomorrow arm sunshine temperatures jump two to six degrees we'll wake up with mainly clear conditions and fog sunday morning warmer as we head into sunday afternoon if you are heading to the pumpkin festival in half moon bay
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leave two hours early, you will see sun, 60 to. tahoe -- 62. tahoe in the 60s that snow is not going to last long. big jump in temperatures by sunday we are in the 80s inland 70s bay 60s coast wednesday near 90 inland mid 80s around the bay and mid 70s at the coast big warming trend coming. it is not too late to win $49,000. these people want the chance: you can enter go to then click the win $49,000 button. that will take you to the form where you can enter your details many we'll announce the winner october 18th, after the game. new dad in england has built what he is calling the
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fastest baby carriage in the world. take a look at this, colin custom mized his newborn's buggy it can reach speeds of up to 50 miles an hour. he can't take the baby out in those speeds. >> he's testing it for a up coming competition. >> that is not going to be happening at home. next, mike is back with @
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. coming up at 3 on katie kevin james. then at 4:00, a list of the most outrageous excuses workers have used when calling in sick. at 5, next venture larry ellison is eyeing it could be his ticket to owning a sports franchise. those stories and more later today at 4 and 5. right now it is time for friday's perfect pet. you brought a new friend, hi. >> hi. yes i brought celia a chow-mick obviously. -- chow-mix obviously, really sweet, great lap dog fun to
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travel with does well on-leash she would be a great family dog for a family with older children she is easy-going. dog-wise relatively low maintenance and you have a few chihuahuas now? >> yes, always. she is super sweet will do well in training classes. i think she will be a gem for a family. >> tell us about the special event tomorrow. >> biggest adopthon in the bay area this weekend in san rafael, bay area pet fair and adopt-a-thon over100 shelters, rescues vendors if you are thinking about adopting the perfect weekend to come out. >> i'm sure somebody can find a pet to adopt. you can go to the humane society. 415--- [ inaudible ] thank you for joining us.
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>> who s to be a millionaire is next.
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